Why Reality

Our mission is to help people get the things they really want as fast as possible, i.e. turn their dreams into Reality

We've designed and created Reality to help people understand and prioritise their dreams as the central focus with the supporting tools to educate, visualise, identify and increase saving potential to accelerate dream achievement.  

Through development, customer engagement and experimentation, the following principles have emerged for dream achievement and Reality has organically grown to reflect these. We'll update these as the data informs change:

  1. Record, focus and achieve your highest priority dreams only - Re-prioritise and refocus after achievement

  2. Goals can be as small or big as you want them - Try smaller first, achievement is contagious

  3. Save more money than you spend to achieve your dreams

  4. Create and visualise the right information for objective insight

  5. Apply management controls for proactive management that allow just enough happiness

  6. You've got to want it! - Sacrifice is required, achievement feels better though

We'd love to hear your challenges saving for your dreams so we can add the features you need, register below for a free 30 minute consultation or reach out to us here or follow us on our socials for regular updates


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How Reality Works

1. Dream - Understand and Prioritise What You Really Want

Create and Prioritise Your Dreams

Create and prioritise dreams to maintain focus and ensure no dream is forgotten

3. How to get it Faster


2. Connect - The right information to make the right decisions

Connect and Filter

Connect all of your accounts across all of your financial institutions and set filters to get the right information to accurately manage your money

3. Visualise - To Identify Saving Potential Opportunity

Understand Your Saving Potential

Automatically see how much you can realistically save and when you can get your dreams based on your current spending habits

See Where Your Money is Really Going

See where you are spending your money with auto-categorisation across all of your accounts to identify saving potential opportunities

2. When you can get it

4. Accelerate - To Get your Dreams Faster


Gain control and visibility over excessive spending areas with budgets, capable of cross account and granular category control

Expense Cashflow

Visualise your habits per expense category over time to identify dream alignment and opportunity for new habit development

Coming Soon!

Live Notifications

Proactively notifications you to help you stay on track by monitoring spending and budget progress


Be the first to try Reality

Register below for a free 30 minute dream management and saving consultation, regular updates and early adopter access to the latest features we are currently developing. Otherwise we'd love to hear any and all feedback here


Reality's goal is to help people achieve their dreams. If you would like to be a part of this or have a suggestion on how we can improve our service, please contact us.

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