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3 Great Resources on How to get Started and Building Habits

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

1 Building the Right Habits - James Clear

Everything we do is a combination and sequence of all of our habits. If we aren't doing the things we want or getting the things we want, chances are, we've built the wrong habits. Do you always find yourself looking at instagram or online shopping when you are waiting in line, for the bus or making efficient use of sitting on the toilet! These our are surreptitious habits kicking in.

Changing and building habits is hard, James is a master of breaking down what habits are, how to fix bad habits and how to build new habits that align with our goals. Check out this article to get started. He also has a great book called atomic habits if you want to get really into the detail.

2 Top Tips for Trying New Things - Richard Branson

Richard truly is inspirational, if you are looking for inspiration on what is achievable in one short life, check out his books, losing my virginity and Finding My Virginity. If you don't want to read two books, here are some of his Top Tips for Trying New Things

3 Taking Action Consistently - Henrik Edberg

Henrik has a blog that focuses on positivity, action and outcome. This blog post focuses on tips for taking action everyday and how to continue when you feel like quitting, or it all seems too hard. A great quick read an a wealth of valuable blog posts around positivity.

Reality helps you quickly and easily record your dreams to help you get started. Give it a spin and let us know if it helps.


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