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There Is No Better Time Than Now - How to start achieving Your Dreams NOW

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Deciding on what makes you happy is hard and very specific to you! (I'll cover ways to help work this out in a following blog post). I love doing things that involve speed and risk, hard work, succeeding and helping people get the things they want. This is just me, you may love binge watching game of thrones and eating pizza, that's fine.

Whatever your goal is here are the first steps to getting started.

6 Steps to starting to get the things you really want

  1. Write down your dreams in a list no matter how big or small - an example of a small dream of mine is a wetsuit so I can stay in the cold Aussie waters to get less bad at surfing as it makes me happy.

  2. Prioritise then choose the smallest, most achievable dream to create momentum - Prioritising helps you work out what you really like and then maintain focus when face with situations where you will have rise above less important impulse purchases. Starting as small as possible will give you some practice, create momentum and a feeling of success which will help strengthen the habit.

  3. Work out how much money you make per month (or time period) - Add up all of your revenue streams per month (if you have multiple incomes or inconsistent income then get the average of the last 3-6 months)

  4. Work out how much you spend per month (or time period) - Add up all of your regular expenses - if you have a bank account you can export your last month's spending, alternatively you can connect your accounts to Reality which will automatically categorise and visualise this

  5. Identify your saving potential - Subtract your expenses from your income to find out how much available money per month (or time period) you can realistically save. Divide your total dream cost by this amount which will give you an insight into when you can expect to achieve your dream

  6. You've got to want it! - Sacrifice and focus is required to get your dreams, achievement feels better.

Reality enables your to perform the above steps as simply as possible by automatically categorising and visualising your expeneses and automatically calculating when you will achieve your goals. Give it a go for free here

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Reality's goal is to help people achieve their dreams. If you would like to be a part of this or have a suggestion on how we can improve our service, please contact us.

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