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Updated on: 14/08/2018

Who Are We

Reality is a Service provided by Simple, Easy IT Pty Ltd (ACN 620332818) designed to help you record and prioritise your dreams and visualize where you spend your money. This information is aggregated in a way to help identify where more money can be potentially saved and when dreams can be realistically achieved. We do this by allowing you to connect to your financial institutions and aggregate and categorise your spending.

To provide this service and to ensure we can continually make this service even more useful, we record the minimal amount of information about you. This Policy outlines what we record about you, how we use it, how we keep it safe and how you can access, change or remove it. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with us at

The Information we Collect and Hold

To ensure only you have access to your data and we know it’s you when you use the Reality Application we record the following information:

User Information
  • Username – This is an email address which we use to uniquely identify you

  • Password – This is used to ensure you are you. This is your responsibility to maintain, we suggest you keep this in a safe place. If you forget this, we provide you a facility to reset your password


Feedback you provide is stored in either the Apple or Google app stores. We do not hold any of this information, please refer to their privacy policies on how they manage your personal information

Financial Information

We use secure, market leading third-party services to help you identify your savings potential. We read aggregated transaction information such as amount, category and account type. None of this information is stored in Reality at any time. 

We use a third party financial information aggregation service (Yodlee) to provide the financial management features of Reality. They have all of the same certifications as the major financial institutions regarding security and privacy. Their security and privacy policies are available for review.

Dream Information

We store basic information about you Dreams such as title, when you want to get them and how much they cost so that we can show you when you get them

How we Collect the Information

User Information
User Information

We collect user information when you register through the user interface of the Reality Service. Early interest email addresses are collected from our landing page through a simple registration form. This is a user opt in process only.

Financial Information

When you connect your accounts in Reality, we use secure market leading third party-service providers (Yodlee). They use your account credentials (username/account number and password) to log in to your financial provider(s) and read (this is only ever a read only process) transaction information and store this in their secure servers. This process is the same as you logging directly into your financial provider's site, the service provider provides a ‘skin’ on your normal financial institutions log in page to make the service consistent across multiple financial providers. Your credentials are saved and managed by Yodlee to provide the financial management features of Reality.


The third-party service providers we choose have comprehensive programs for security, privacy, risk, and compliance. These programs adhere to financial industry standards and are overseen by an independent dedicated team of security and risk practitioners to ensure your information is as safe as possible

Dream Information

We collect dream information through the Reality application user interface

How we Store the Information

We want to make sure your personal information is safe. Following are the methods on how we do this. Only security vetted and approved employees or service providers have access to this information to ensure we provide a quality service to you.

User and Dream Information

Are stored on Reality servers in our cloud hosting provider which is compliant with the contemporary security and privacy requirements. We encrypt your passwords at rest and all communication channels.

Financial Information

Is managed by our secure, market leading third-party service providers (Yodlee). This information is shown temporarily within Reality but is never stored.

Upon using the link account feature, Yodlee will encrypt and store your credentials to maintain currency of data. Yodlee uses your credentials to read and create a copy of your financial transactions on their infrastructure to enable auto-categorisation and aggregation of this information to deliver you the insights Reality provides. This information is stored on Yodlee infrastructure until you delete your account if you so wish.

Why we collect and use Personal Information

To Provide Our Services

For example to provide to our third party service providers (e.g. Yodlee) to provide the features to help you realise your dreams faster.

To Improve Our Services

For example, by tracking and monitoring your use of services so we can keep improving, or by carrying out technical analysis of our services so that we give you the best user experience and features for achieving your dreams.

To Support You

This may include assisting with the resolution of technical support issues or other issues relating to the websites or services, whether by email, in-app support or otherwise.

To Protect You

So that we can detect and prevent any fraudulent or malicious activity, and make sure that everyone is using our services fairly and in accordance with our terms of service.

To Analyse, Aggregate and Report

We may use the personal data we collect about you and other users of our websites and services (whether obtained directly or from third parties) to produce aggregated and anonymised analytics and reports.

To Comply

We may provide your information to regulatory bodies to comply with the law.

How You can Access Your Personal Information

Your personal data is accessible in the settings section of the Reality application where you can also unsubscribe and delete your account.

Overseas Disclosure

We store all of your personal information in our data centres and our third-party service provider’s data centers which are hosted within Australia. Some of the cloud analytics services we use to ensure our services are performing and available are only provided out of the US and other countries. These services monitor application health and usage trends and do not use personally identifiable data and are transferred over encrypted channels

How to Contact Us

We welcome the opportunity to communicate directly with our customers. If you have any queries regarding your personal information or suggestions on how our services can be improved, please get in touch with as at

Reality's goal is to help people achieve their dreams. If you would like to be a part of this or have a suggestion on how we can improve our service, please contact us.

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